There are two media of instruction in the school i.e. (1) English Medium and (2) Gujarati Medium.

In English Medium, we have classes from Kindergarten till Grade XII. There are four sections of each class. In Higher Secondary Section, there are two disciplines namely Commerce and Science.

In Gujarati Medium, we have classes from Grade VII till Grade X. We adhere to the curriculum of Gujarat State Education Board, Gandhinagar.

Sports & Games :

St. Mary’s Arts & Sports Academy focuses on uplifting the standard of sports and contributing best sportspersons to the city.

St. Mary’s School has bagged numerous laurels in the past and continues to do so in the field of sports till date. The school has been the State Football Champion in Subroto Cup Under-19 category. We have had Football players representing Gujarat in All India School Games (Football and Basketball) Championship.

St. Mary's Arts & Sports Academy is nurtured by well qualified and experienced coaches. The Academy is one of the main pillars to entice the parents for admission in the school

Social Work:

Marian Service Wing

Marian Service Wing is a social work organization led by students of the school. MSW works to create social awareness and be a helping hand to those from humble beginnings

The Origin: MSW began in 1997 by helping two children for their studies. Currently, MSW sponsors for the education of more than ____ needy children. Besides, it also supports them for the treatment, house construction, higher education etc.

C.C.F.C. (Children Care For Children): Children Care for Children is the most ambitious project of MSW. Through it, MSW helps children for their education and treatment.

B.B.C. (Buy a Book for a Child): Buy a Book for a Child is yet another novel project of MSW. When the students buy books for themselves, they also buy an extra copy for their MSW family.

Blood Cell: MSW runs a blood banking system. It conducts blood donation camps for the benefit of necessitous. It makes sure to reach every help seeking hand.

Warm Greetings - A Winter Response: During Diwali and Christmas season, MSW collects clothes and distributes it to the impecunious.

Mobile Library – For The Immobile: MSW collects reading materials to distribute it amongst the jail inmates and patients to boost their morale and develop positive attitude in them.

Marian Melodies: MSW has produced four cassettes of children’s songs, which carried seeds of optimism to sprout in the growing minds.

Apostles of Optimism: Members of MSW often visit Orphanages, Bal ashrams and Old-age Homes and spend time with them. They celebrate different feasts allocate new clothes, sweets and other gifts. Thus, MSW tries to spread the Gospel of optimism among the ill-fated. A compassionate smile, a kind word and a loving look can change many a heart and these are the actions imparted by the members of MSW.

Our Greatest Resource – A Generous Heart: Our greatest resource is a generous heart. Fortunately, we have always found many of them. Funds have never been a problem for MSW. Though the beginning was humble, the response was overwhelming. One paisa per day per person (a total of Rs. 3.65 per year) programme was inaugurated by the District Collector.

MSW Annual Day:The beneficiaries and the benefactors gather to celebrate the presence of each other. Cultural programmes are conducted and gifts are distributed. The members of MSW are awarded certificates for their meritorious service. copyright@2020 all Rights Reserved