Vision & Mission

The Vision

Integral development of the child for a better society based on equality, justice, unity and peace.

The Mission
  1. To provide intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual development.
  2. To work for the development of head, heart and hand.
  3. To achieve academic excellence through quality education.
  4. To give character formation based on moral and spiritual values.
  5. To inculcate the values of equality, justice, unity and peace.
  6. To foster the spirit of religious harmony and religious tolerance.
  7. To have all-round development through cultural activities, sports and games, picnics and pilgrimages.
  8. To foster patriotism and national integration.
  9. To create social awareness, concern for the poor and downtrodden, spirit of service.
  10. To flight against the evils of castism, communalism and terrorism.
  11. To provide training programmes for staff and students.
  12. To give guidance and counselling for students and parents.
  13. To facilitate social change and social transformation.
  14. To establish just and egalitarian society.

We are inspired by the message of Jesus Christ and Vision of CMI Congregation inherited from Blessed Kuriakose Chavara. copyright@2020 all Rights Reserved